Our mission: helping patients to safely navigate the brain cancer maze via an unique interactive cyber centre ? brain cancer without borders.

Our patients are at the centre of everything we do

We Achieve our Mission by…

  • providing an online one stop centre of excellence for all issues relating to brain cancer
  • providing a user-friendly patient-centred service developed from 42+ years consulting directly with cancer patients
  • collaborating across borders via an alliance of brain cancer experts regardless of geographical location
  • helping patients and families to navigate an often fragmented health system
  • supporting the quest to extend life and well-being: find the cause – find the cure

Our Flexibility: As an independent family run charity with low overheads and high patient-care delivery, we have the flexibility and agility to move unfettered by the usual constraints and systems encountered by larger less personalised cancer charities ? see governance.

The need: In a climate of information overload, confusion, mistrust and Dr Google -? brain cancer without borders is timely..

Treatment Excellence: Sometimes it comes down to luck ? you find the right hospital right treatment and right specialists. BUT for many this is not the case,? many patients report being lost in the brain cancer maze.