Survivor strategies to stop cancer coming back

Many of our patients on Cancer Navigation Packages attain stable condition or remission. We saw a need to create a Special Package for ongoing Maintenance, Monitoring & Preventing a Recurrence of Cancer.

The Package:
The Maintenance, Monitoring & Preventing Recurrence Package is for GGI Patients who have completed 2 Cancer Navigation Packages and are in the stable ‘maintenance & monitoring’ phase.

Patients enrolling for our packages should have a strong desire to be proactive in maintaining well-being & preventing recurrence of cancer.

With 43 years cancer support experience, Grace Gawler, our therapeutic director, has a proven track record helping patients maintain quality of life & preventing recurrence.

This requires skilful management, state-of-the-art monitoring (including genomic Ct DNA tests), nutritional assessment & monitoring, psychological support, survival strategies & more. 

Grace Gawler Institute nutritionalsScientifically endorsed nutritionals:

Did you know that Grace Gawler is Australia’s most experienced cancer naturopath, unique for working closely with oncologists? 

Did you know that we prescribe scientifically proven nutritionals that can increase immune system activity while reducing side effects from chemotherapy and radiation?

Did you know there are biogenic nutritionals that are safer & more effective than pre-biotics or probiotics & that increasing the health of your gut-biome can significantly boost your immune system? 

Did you know there is a simple & inexpensive Swiss tonic used & recommended by Grace Gawler since 1978, that has helped thousands of patients ‘sail through’ their chemotherapy & radiation treatments?

These are just a few examples of science-based nutritionals (not supplements) products we use to help patients stay well and minimise risk of recurrence…

Conducting the Maintenance, Monitoring & Prevent Recurrence Orchestra:

Just as she does on behalf of patients on cancer navigation packages, Grace is like a conductor who coordinates all the various components that go into  maintaining well-being, monitoring your progress & skilfully advising you how to minimise risk of recurrence.

Nutritional & Medical Monitoring: Apart from monitoring & reassessing your nutritional intake, Grace can also coordinate & help you access state-of-the-art medical monitoring that will give you you very accurate picture of the current state of your cancer.

Genomic Monitoring: As well, Grace can help you access state-of-the-art genomic monitoring & diagnostics which are not routinely used in hospitals in Australia, NZ, UK, & Canada to mention a few.

Maintenance, Monitoring and Prevention Package: $900.00

The package is for patients who have completed 2 Cancer Navigation Packages and have obtained remission or stable condition.

The package provides six hours of service can be spread over 9 months. It includes…

Monitoring your regular reports – blood tests, scans, weight loss/gain, genomic CT DNA tests.

Monitoring & advising re your nutritionals & diet – prescribing new nutritionals.

Periodic re-assessment of your nutritionals – taking a break from some, adding in appropriate new products.

Check ins – support & monitor well-being, including psychological well-being.

Prevention – via monitoring reports & discussions with patients – adopt risk minimisation strategies along with strategies for increasing well-being.

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Package for non-Grace Gawler Institute patients:

People who have not been previous Grace Gawler Institute patients but want to sign up for a Maintenance, Monitoring and Preventing Recurrence Package will suddenly be introduced to a world of high-tech Cancer adjunct treatments that have played an important role in the great outcomes achieved by many of our current patients.

For example; many of our patients have had potent cell based immune therapies with the world leader in this field. 

Many outstanding outcomes have resulted from this minimal side effect cell based immune therapy alone. See testimonials here

This specific immune therapy is highly suitable for maintenance and prevention.

We have assisted patients to access other high-tech treatments not available in countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada. These include cyber knife, proton beam therapy & more.

How do I begin?
If you are not one of our previous patients but would like to partake in our  Maintenance, Monitoring and Preventing Recurrence Package, please make contact with Grace by clicking the purple button below.

Grace will help to book a Skype or FaceTime consultation with her to assess your suitability and preview all your medical records.