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The pinnacle of Japanese fermentation technology:?a unique?alternative?to probiotics
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Discover the unique secret of LACTIS

Recommended by Grace Gawler ? 44 years? experience as a qualified botanical & nutritional specialist.?

Australian & NZ pioneer of supportive care & complementary approaches for cancer patients, Grace says, ?LACTIS is at the forefront of biogenic functional foods for disease prevention & health promotion.

As a qualified health practitioner; I prescribe LACTIS for my clients for both wellbeing and health restoration. For cancer patients a biogenic extract such as?LACTIS, is not only more effective, but a safer alternative than “live bacteria” probiotics.

LACTIS is an exceptional functional food supplement providing nutrition that can invigorate gut microbiomes. LACTIS helps to remedy deficiencies in gut microflora caused by medications including chemotherapy & radiotherapy as well as deficits caused by poor diet and a stressful lifestyle.


How can LACTIS achieve such outstanding results?

Cultured Lactobacillus Extract is the fermented extract of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) obtained?through a special and patented extraction process where 16 strains of LAB are co-cultivated?in soymilk.

The unique secret of LACTIS? efficacy is that this extract does not contain live Lactobacillus, but Lactobacillus secretions (extract created by lactic acid bacteria) and lactic acid?bacteria cell compounds.?Whether you are a cancer patient before, during or after Chemotherapy; or just someone who is simply wanting to improve health in a stress-free manner without radical dietary changes ? LACTIS?can help You!

Lactobacillus Biogenic Fermented Extracts are considered the next generation functional food supplement for digestive health.


Purchase LACTIS?(30 X 10ML) $118.50 AUD??

Easy to take – conveniently packaged for home, travel or hospital
Directions: Take 1 x 10 ml sachet daily in a small glass of water

Your purchase supports our Health Promotion Charity – The Grace Gawler Institute



The LACTIS Difference – Unique production Makes for a Unique Product

LACTIS, a cultured lactobacillus extract is not just another probiotic or similar. Here is what sets LACTIS apart from other “live” lactobacillus products.? The manufacturing method is unique – 16 strains of lactobacillus are cultivated in soy milk allowing up to 1000 times the growth density of normal? cultivation methods. Then, long term maturation via fermentation, enhances the quality of active ingredients. The? final touch – a? special extraction process that increases the potency of the end product known as LACTIS.


The ingredients in LACTIS are classified as?biogenic, a functional food derived from Lactic Acid Bacteria.

It is different from the live Probiotic products in the way it is manufactured and its composition.

LACTIS does not contain any live bacteria or function like a traditional Probiotic (by ingesting a live culture).

Instead, the naturally fermented extract comprises of Lactobacillus metabolites help invigorate the growth of your own existing good?bacteria to?maintain individual balance.

Did you know that approximately 60% of lymphocytes exist in the intestinal tract?

LACTIS, a Cultured Lactobacillus Extract works on intestinal immune cells to help repair, restore and maintain immune balance.

Research has demonstrated that NK (Natural killer cell) activity can be enhanced in the colon when taking oral Cultured Lactobacillus ferment extract.? Interestingly, this was demonstrated to be be more potent in the presence of stimulus such as transplanted tumour cells. No change in NK cell function was noted if the immune system in the colon was normal only if malignant cells were present.

LACTIS meets your body?s digestive balance needs by functioning differently from a traditional Probiotic and is a potent alternative. It is designed for personalised health by promoting your own existing good bacteria to grow and suppresses the growth of bad bacteria.

Limits of Probiotics ? Research has suggested that even when specific “live bacteria” in the form of probiotics is ingested by healthy people, it does not have longevity in the intestines. Rather; the bacteria become transient, with the majority being passed in faeces within one week.

Therefore, in order to effectively improve the balance of intestinal bacteria; rather than ingesting large amounts of live bacteria, it is more beneficial to increase the amount of one’s own lactobacillus this way you maintain your own individual balance of intestinal bacteria.

It is recommended to eat a well-balanced diet taking nutrients from ALL FOOD groups with the addition of a Cultured Lactobacillus Extract – LACTIS.

LACTIS is a safer approach for anyone who is already immune compromised e.g: cancer patients taking conventional treatment, IBS patients or those with a range of colon disorders.


LACTIS achieves its functional qualities by the way it is created using soy milk: The soybeans used in LACTIS are grown near Mt Fuji – non GMO and organically farmed. Co-cultivation? of many strains of bacteria in soy milk improves the population density when compared with the usual method of cultivating one bacterial strain in cows milk. This is attributed to the difference in nutrients contained in soy; sugars, the culture medium and the manner in which the different strains of bacteria recycle available nutrients. Intensive competition is also created between the bacterial strains.

After a full year?s fermentation, the bacteria colony density is ultra-high. Bioactive ingredients are then extracted from the culture by filtering out the fermented waste. That is why Lactis appears transparent, as only the bioactive ingredients are extracted such as Lactobacillus metabolites. The fermented extracts are of an extremely high purity standard.?


Purchase LACTIS?(30 X 10ML) $118.50 AUD??

Easy to take – conveniently packaged for home, travel or hospital
Directions: Take 1 x 10 ml sachet daily in a small glass of water

Your purchase supports our Health Promotion Charity – The Grace Gawler Institute



Japanese Knowledge of Fermentation

Enhancing nutritional qualities and digestibility of foods through the process of fermentation

Japan is known as one of the leading countries for fermented foods.?Fermentation is a processing method that is used with traditional foods in all regions of the world, however as?Japan’s temperature and humidity are conducive to fermentation, it’s possible for a wide assortment of fermented foods to be made in every region of the country. The prototype for today’s miso was already in existence as early as the 8th century. Now the science of fermentation adds to ancient knowledge, creating a new field of functional biological materials known as biogenics. The results – a new unique cultured lactobacillus extract called LACTIS was born.?


LACTIS? for all natural inner harmony!


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We honour the life? and work of Japanese Bacteriologist? Kazuyoshi Masagaki, 1901-1985; first President of B&S Corporation. His father Dr. Kakutaro Masagaki, was the first person to produce and sell yoghurt in Japan. His son Kazuyoshi, dedicated his life to Lactobacillus production and thus has led the world into a new generation of Biogenics and the development of LACTIS.


LACTIS? The Key to Your Good Health & Wellbeing