The Power of Genomic Testing in Glioblastoma:

Using personalised cancer medicine as a tool against brain cancer is becoming more widely accepted and utilised. One of the main reasons for a surge in interest is due to the many challenges faced by patients diagnosed with all types of brain tumours especially GBM’s (Glioblastoma Multiforme).

Every patient’s brain tumour has unique DNA mutations that need to be discovered then actioned with a targeted treatment.

Genomic testing plays an important role in Personalised Medicine. Genomic tests discover the DNA found in your tumour identifying mutations that are unique to you. Each person’s GBM despite having the same name, will have different mutations. Once mutations have been identified, targeted treatment solutions can be discovered to help fix them. Genomic testing provides a personalised approach to your cancer treatment, giving you the best chance of survival.

Clinical trials of over 70,000 patients have shown that personalised therapy, based on genomic profiling of tumours, is the most effective way to improve outcome, with higher response rates, longer progression free and overall survival, and fewer deaths related to toxic effects across cancers.

New targeted treatments are needed to effectively fight brain tumours:

As you will read on this website – there are many small groups of innovative neuro- surgeons and researchers who tirelessly work to assist patients with brain tumours including GBM. The USA seems to have many of these proactive and innovative groups.

Early Diagnosis:

GBM’s are time sensitive! Therefore, we recommend that genomic testing be performed as early as possible in your diagnosis. Contact Grace to find out more. The earlier in diagnosis that genomic testing is provided to a patient, the greater impact

After first line standard of care treatment, knowledge of mutations and gene deletions in your brain tumour tissue serve as a “fingerprint” to help identify effective follow up targeted treatments.

Should you have a recurrence of your tumour soon after standard of care; precious time is saved by having immediate access to genomic diagnostic results – so that targeted treatments or even a Clinical Trial that includes drug targets for your tumour type; can be accessed promptly.

Advanced cancer – when standard of care treatment fails:

If you have not had earlier genomic testing and have experienced a recurrence it is not too late to embark upon genomic diagnostic testing. Discovering what has caused your brain tumour to progress despite treatment can help you at this time to make important treatment decisions.

How is genomic testing performed?

Biopsied tissue or tissue removed during surgery and stored at pathology laboratories can be used for genomic testing.

A comprehensive genomic analysis of your tumour tissue may provide information on potential therapeutic treatments as well as, the likelihood of resistance to therapeutics.

Genomic testing may be offered by your hospital, but usually only a small panel of genes are used; often to determine suitability for new or specific clinical trials available via your hospital.

Private Genomic testing advantages: Ordering genomic testing with a Private Laboratory yields a vastly different outcome. Results can provide insights into several hundred genes/DNA mutations and “drivers that cause your brain cancer to grow. A large number of clinical trials are listed in results and new treatments you may be able to access, prognosis and disease progression tracking.

Given the rapid pace of new drug discovery, new options may become available after the patient’s initial presentation. A comprehensive genomic analysis can be referred to as new trials and treatments become available to see if the cancer is likely to respond.

For more information or how to organise Genomic Testing for GBM patients please CONTACT GRACE:

We have featured Dr David Baskin and his team on this website due to his dedication and highly innovative approach.
Of course, genomic diagnostic testing is always an initial part of his diagnostics and subsequent treatment plan.

Cancer Navigation for GBM Patients

Every ship needs a navigator to guide them through treacherous waters. Your Survivor-Ship is no different. Your cancer diagnosis requires you to sail in uncharted waters. You can trust a cancer navigator with 45 years’ experience who has chartered the way forward for thousands of patients before you.

The Grace Gawler Institute offers various levels of GBM navigation services.
We suggest beginning with a video call to ascertain your needs and how we can best help you.