Five point cancer survivorship care plan

Survive & Thrive Brain Cancer Navigation Package:

Australia & New Zealand’s most comprehensive…

5-point Cancer Survivorship Care Plan

The Grace Gawler Institute works as an independent body.

We are free from any paid affiliations with hospitals, laboratories & clinics.

Therefore we are free to refer our patients to the most innovative treatments in the world – unavailable in Australia & New Zealand.

1. Genomic & DNA Cancer Testing

AU & NZ’s best science based tests form the basis for targeted medical treatments with less side effects. More

2. Targeted treatments (based on the tests)

Referrals for targeted treatments (overseas) Some medicines can be imported by our oncologists. More

3. DNA based nutrition & exercise plans

DNA tests eliminate Google guesswork. Plans are designed to work with your inherited genetics, not against. More

4. Cell-based immune therapies

Referrals to the pioneer of cell-based immune therapies (overseas) with excellent outcomes. More

5. Productive Psychological supportĀ 

18,000+ patients have received effective support during our founder’s 44 years of cancer service. More